During the current lockdown Isle of Wight Webcams has seen a dramatic rise in people watching our live webcams from right across the UK.

Currently on average, we have 1500 people a day watching for an average of 4 minutes. That figure can rise to 2000 visitors + if something unusual is happening in front of the cameras.

In the past three years of operation we have run as a donation only operation but as the aim of the site is to market the Island we need advertisers to allow investment in new and upgraded cameras.

We believe with the current lockdown still in place your business would be of interest to our viewers and wanted to offer you the chance to be one of our first advertisers.

We can offer 15 second video adverts that can be inserted into the webcam stream, also banners adds that pop up in the live stream as well as all the usual banners adds you’d see on a standard site.

To discuss advertising call Dave on 07790 951101

or email dave@wightmediaservices.co.uk