Cowes Yachting — 18 Comments

  1. I liked it when the sweep in one direction was zoomed in, as it gave better views of the passing ships. Any chance of returning to that, maybe slightly less zoomed than before.

  2. Both Ryde and Cowes cameras are on excellent standard patterns. Hopefully they will stay that way except when interesting things happen, like the arrival of Victoria of Wight into Portsmouth towed by Amber ii on about 6 August.

  3. Continued thanks for providing excellent views of the Solent activities.

    Do you know if the NCI Calshot Tower Lookout Station has a webcam?
    If not, might it be worth talking with them about that possibility?
    Scenes of Southampton Water and the IOW itself would be a good addition.

    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Pete

  4. I wonder if anyone can explain about the construction work taking place at Gurnard right in front of the camera? Is it a viewing platform for Cowes Week? Not seen it in previous years.

  5. Really enjoyed the coverage of the arrival of Silver Cloud this morning — thanks! So sad that these beautiful cruise ships are empty of passengers at the moment.

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