Looking over the Solent near Cowes.

This camera gives views over one of the world’s most famous sailing regions.

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Click and drag to identify what vessels you are looking at:  This Camera is situated in Gurnard

Looking over Cowes Harbour

The Home of UK Sailing – Please click for camera sponsor -Spinlock


Cowes Yachting — 12 Comments

  1. Was looking forward to seeing the cruise ship on Sunday 29th April but all I can get is buffering. Why is this is there any way to stop it? It seems to be getting worse. Can you help?

  2. Hi Gill, We have been looking at this issue for a while. It seems to be intermittent, which makes it difficult to diagnose. Our engineer and camera host are looking at the problem, but rather than spoil everyone’s view by taking it offline we decided to battle on to get it resolved as and when we can. Apologies for the issues you’ve been suffering…

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