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    • Watching from Wallaroo in South Australia. Born and raised in Ryde, was a bell ringer at All Saints, and married there. Lived in Aust. 55years. Absolutely love the website, watch the daybreak over appely beach most days,(played there as a child regularly) Our internet speed not good so fair amount of buffering. Please keep it up, it makes this old man very happy.
      Ian Scott-Jackson

  1. Great website and quality is superb. I view from Kent and love watching the ships and railway activity. Have relatives who live on the island so a bit jealous as IoW weather looks better than what I get.

  2. Been on Haven Street railway several times over the years as have relatives on the island. would love to be walking along Appley beach. Really envy the islanders having all this on their doorstep, miles from the sea in Bedfordshire. Quality of the website pictures is very good.

  3. Cant wait to see the trains on the platform, we view from Blackburn Lancashire.
    Had a visit to the island in June 14, will be coming back soon we hope.
    As there was so much we missed, would get to see a lot more next trip.

  4. As a child born and raised on the island, I would always run up the garden, through the hedge and onto the railway bank to wave at the passing steam trains. This was the same Newport to Ryde line that still runs from Wooton though Havenstreet to Smallbrook Junction. I was on Newport station platform as a young boy to watch the last ever train leave which was a very sad day for me. I now live abroad so being able to pop in here now and again to watch those same trains and also the shipping at Cowes and the views across the Solent from Ryde and Appley beach is truly wonderful so thank you to all involved in this website and the cameras. It would be lovely to see more added over time. Newport high street perhaps!

  5. Great web site and even better now you have the Holmwood web cam on here panning the Solent at Cowes.
    I am viewing the webcams from Horrabridge in West Devon because I have visited the island many times. My daughter in law was brought up in Northwood and now lives in Wimborne. We visit her parents regularly and they also stay with us.

  6. Been twice to the railway love it, I help at our local railway its great keeping past times alive
    Your all stars keep up the great work !
    Steam up !!

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