Please note : We are aware of the wind issues buffeting the camera but due to Covid restrictions can not deal with at the moment.


Solent View — 38 Comments

  1. Brilliant website. One of the best Cam sites anywhere. Excellent quality pictures. Is it possible to sometimes change the panning view for a change of scenery and maybe show a closer up pan of the mainland shore?

  2. Excellent webcam setup and has been for a good period. Interested too hear about the new Cowes camera. Is that going to replace the one which seems to have disappeared from the Camsecure site?

  3. Great cam, I married an island girl and we have a small apartment in Ryde which I can just about see the roof of in the picture. We live in Switzerland now and I like to watch the hovercraft arrive and depart when I know my wife is on it during her regular visits.This has to be one of the most interesting see views with so much passing sea traffic.

  4. Fantastic camera work following HMS Queen Elizabeth back into port watched it travel through Appley beach cam then on to Solent cam. Watching from Buckinghamshire.

  5. Hello friends, you can not imagine how much it means to me to be able to have a daily look at the beautiful Solent and Ryde. Thank you so much for your work, please keep it up. Lots of love from Romania xx

  6. Fantastic views from this camera but the best view is when it occasionally swings right round towards Fishbourne creek and you can see as far as Southampton water. i wish it did that more often, especially when the liners are coming out.

  7. Fantastic camera site. I use it for checking out the conditions before I come down to my boat in Langstone Harbour! Live near Epsom, Surrey, so can save me a wasted journey. I can see if its windy, raining snowing, whatever and make the call to come down or not.
    Thank you for setting up such good cameras.
    One question, are the cameras manually controlled? (especially when viewing vessels in the Solent) or do they employ some special software to track large objects?
    BTW, a bit of tech details on the cameras used would be interesting.

    • Hi, We can take manual control of the cameras as you have just seen, but most of the time they are automated. Glad you like what we’re up to and hope you come and visit the Island on your boat soon.

  8. It is wonderful to see the Spithead as I used to when I lived in Union Street, 1947 – 1963. If only you could arrange another Fleet Review, what a sight that would be!

  9. Watching the Queen Victoria sailing now. Brilliant camera work! Has brought back many happy memories of my trip on her to Denmark a couple of years ago – although it was very rough in the North Sea!!

  10. Nice to see that you are back. The image seems bit streaky at times today, but better than recently, of course.

  11. Hi. Thanks for taking the trouble to take control of the cameras and cover the sailing of HMS Queen Elizabeth this morning, on both Solent View and Appley Beach. Great to see it, despite the grey conditions. Donation made.

  12. Solent View is much better now that it covers the end of Southampton Water right through the Solent to the forts. A super view for the locals and those not-so local. Thank you.

    • Yes, I agree too. A fantastic view from Fawley to the Forts that covers everything I’d like to see. Excellent.

  13. Both Ryde and Cowes cameras are on excellent standard patterns. Hopefully they will stay that way except when interesting things happen, like the arrival of Victoria of Wight into Portsmouth towed by Amber ii on about 6 August.

  14. I don’t know what is happening with Victoria of Wight. The tug Amber II has been going up and down the east coast of Sicily at a low speed since Saturday afternoon, since suddenly deviating north at about 1530BST. The tug is still showing a destination of Portsmouth. Tech problem perhaps?

  15. I understand that the reason for the delay to Amber II is difficult weather in the western Med exceeding a wave height restriction.

  16. Excellent job, IOW Webcam team! Red Arrows and the 3 Queens. What an experience! Wish I could have been there in person. Many thanks for setting this up.

  17. Excellent overage watching three Queens leave the Solent. Hope this is captured on video for replay by IoWwebcams in the future.

  18. Fabulous coverage of USS Harry S Truman, thank you so much. My family in South Africa are following it as well.

  19. It was great to watch the USS Harry S truman appear in the morning mist, I was watching it on your webcam from Cambridge, thanks very much

  20. My granddaughter is on the MSC Magnifica, due to pass Harry in about 25 mins. I would love a pic of them passing. Any chance we could have Harry in the frame please?

  21. Fantastic webcam! I love checking in daily to see what’s happening. We visit Portsmouth & the Isle of Wight so it’s ice to keep in touch when we aren’t there. Watching from Swanwick, Derbyshire.

  22. I was born and grew up in Ryde/Seaview. Now live in Australia since 1972. Always great to see the old dart live!

  23. Hi. Thanks for taking the trouble to take manual control of the cameras to cover the sailing tonight of MSC Bellissima, on both the Cowes Yachting and Solent View cameras. Beautiful shots of this stunning new vessel, even on this dark, windy night. Much appreciated — donation made.

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